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The Point
  • The Point: This is What the Last Moment of the Universe Will Look Like

    The universe could end in one of five different ways, but scientists think one is the most likely. Renowned theoretical astrophysicist, Katie Mack, explains how and when it all comes to an end.

  • The Point: Sex Robots Are Here and They're Getting Smarter

    Sex robots are here to stay. The latest, and most expensive models, have AI that allows them to do incredibly lifelike things. As the price gets lower, they will become much more common. Then what?

  • The Point: Is Biomanufacturing a $100T New Market?

    In order to reinvigorate our economy and avoid a global depletion of resources, IndieBio's founder and managing director believe the US should not simply reinvent production, but reinvent raw materials themselves, right there in their lab.

  • The Point: Can This Tech Restore Trust in Our Voting System?

    When ballots are counted by hand, skeptics cry "fraud." Samantha Radocchia, a tech entrepreneur and the author of Bitcoin Pizza, explores how switching our voting infrastructure to a blockchain-based system could help restore trust in the U.S. voting system and its democracy.

  • The Point: A Surprising New Perspective on the Brain

    Lisa Feldman Barrett, a renowned neuroscientist and psychologist, debunks an idea about how the brain evolved that's been widely accepted for eons. We may have more in common with blood-sucking lamprey than we ever imagined.

  • The Point: How to Think Like A Rocket Scientist

    We speak with New York Times bestselling author Ozan Varol, who shares his 3 secrets on how to succeed with moonshot thinking.

  • The Point: 6 Maps That Explain Right Now

    Despite what you may think, societies around the world are better off now than ever before, and the evidence of this can be seen in surprising and powerful ways.

  • The Point: Five Elements of Happiness

    Even during the most challenging times, we can create happiness. Happiness expert, best-selling author and co-founder of the Happiness Studies Academy, Tal Ben Shahar, tells us how we can cultivate happiness no matter what.

  • The Point: This is Why Camels are the New Unicorns

    The frontier of innovation is moving, and Silicon Valley may no longer be the epicenter. Alex Lazarow, a global venture investor, doesn't want Silicon Valley to end up like Detroit.

  • The Point: How AI Can Accurately Reflect Our World

    Our AI, from Alexa and Siri to facial recognition software, is biased. Roboticist Dr. Ayanna Howard gives us a roadmap to fix it.