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  • Creating an Equitable Future and Work-Life Balance

    Startup Pregnant founder, Sarah Peck, interviews director of New America's Better Life Lab and author of Overwhelmed, Brigid Shulte, about work life balance for women before and during the pandemic.

  • Don't Underestimate Gen Z'ers and the Age of New Media

    In this break out session of our Digital Summit on Work, Muriel Clauson speaks with educator Kimber Lybbert and inventor Fatima Alkaabi on how Generation Z is using media to create a new social landscape.

  • How to Create an Organization That is Future Resilient

    Robert Ellis, Founder and Executive Coach at Futurosity, defines culture, shares what a future friendly culture looks like, and gives tips on how to get there.

  • Work in Developing Markets and the Road to Recovery

    Lindsey Kneuven of Pluralsight One and Zain Awan of Re:Coded talk economic recovery and the digital economy in the developing world

  • How Workers Are Charting New Futures

    Singularity U Head of Impact Darlene Damm leads a conversation with Diana Tellefson Torres, executive director fo United Farm Works Association, and Nazma Akhter, founder of AWAJ, on the state of global labor rights.

  • How to Prepare Our Leaders for AI

    Founder of New Dawn Technologies and Aha Entertainment, Dr. Scott Bolland, explores the potential impact of AI tech on humanity and how to prepare our leaders for the change.

  • How to use Creativity and Innovation skills during uncertain times

    In this Break Out session of our Digital Summit on Work, Priszcilla Várnagy, CEO of Be-novative, shares how we can leverage classic skills to succeed in a rapidly shifting world.

  • How to Build a More Inclusive Tech Work Environment with Mary Gray

    Mary Gray, Author of Ghost Work & Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, speaks with Stacey Ferreira on anthropology, ghost work, and creating a more inclusive work experience.

  • Saving Main Street: Who Shows Up for Small Business?

    The Center on Rural Innovation's Ann Lichter and Innovation Collective's Nick Smoot talk about how to buld the type of ecoystems that help small communities thrive.

  • Strategies for Re-Gearing Business in Uncertain Times

    Singularity U faculty Nell Watson shares strategies on best practices to keep businesses capable of weathering an uncertain future.

  • Virtualizing the Human Value Chain

    Chris Cohert a futurist and venture investor, design and innovation leader, and, Aimee Bonslo, founder and CEO of NOW, and Kate Piper an independent contractor who works at the intersection of business, strategy, and human centered design. In this insightful conversation Molly and guests talk abo...

  • How to Best Leverage the New Distributed Workforce

    Molly Pyle moderates a discussion with Darren Murph, Head of Remote at Gitlab; Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of Remote.CO & Flexjobs; and Jon O'Duinn, Author of Distributed Teams.

  • Putting AI Principles Into Workplace Practices

    What is the role of artificial intelligence today? Where is it going? Molly talks with guests Sean Hinton founder and CEO of Skyhive Technologies and Cristina Colclough director at Uni Global about the political effects AI can have as well.

  • How Platform Cooperatives Could Be The Future Of Work

    In this episode of Next: Work Molly Pyle talks wit heading experts about the future of Platform Cooperatives and how it could impact the traditional work environment. Platform Cooperatives : What are they? How do they work? Find out in this episode.

  • Venture Capital & Startup Strategies for COVID-19 & Beyond

    Talking with guests, Molly Pyle dives deep into how to advance during this pandemic. The benefit of making high risks bets, and where business goers from here during a crisis.

  • Building Business Resiliency With Automation and Cybersecurity

    COVID-19 has exposed gaps in systems and processes for companies, governments and individuals alike. Addressing these gaps in your business builds resiliency, but what technology and innovations can support this? In this session we'll discuss recent examples and strategies for leaders to leverage...

  • Overcoming the Growth Vs Survival Dilemma

    Tim Sanders, VP of customer insight at UpWork, shares how Mark Cuban taught him to embrace the principles of lifelong learning.

  • How You Can Navigate The Great Reset

    Molly Pyle talks with John Hagle and Gary Bolles about what has happened in 2020 to the traditional work environment, and what the future of work looks like for the world.