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First Look

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First Look
  • The Point: Sex Robots Are Here and They're Getting Smarter

    Sex robots are here to stay. The latest, and most expensive models, have AI that allows them to do incredibly lifelike things. As the price gets lower, they will become much more common. Then what?

  • Global Mindmeld: Can Technology Solve Hunger?

    Mark Mollenkopf of Columbus, Ohio and Carlos Castellanos of Bogota, Colombia meet for the first time on Zoom to share their passions at the intersection of tech and food security. They talk about the respective platforms they’ve developed to help food bank customers and rural farmers. This mind m...

  • Adaptor: Restructuring Society's Engines

    There is a new focus on the inequalities that exist in our various internet platforms whose models seem to be: extract billions in value from their users and make it nearly impossible for them to leave. As humanity moves toward a new equitable future, so must economies. Is the ownership economy m...

  • Anousheh Ansari: The Future of Space Travel

    For this episode Peter sits down with Anousheh Ansari to talk about the future of space travel. Their wide ranging conversation covers Ansari's upcoming moonshots , what it felt like to achieve so much at a young age and more. Check it out to learn how you can apply Ansari's tenacious and motivat...

  • How to Best Leverage the New Distributed Workforce

    Molly Pyle moderates a discussion with Darren Murph, Head of Remote at Gitlab; Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of Remote.CO & Flexjobs; and Jon O'Duinn, Author of Distributed Teams.