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  • Adaptor: Exploring Networked Thought: The Story of Roam Research

    The Internet has granted the individual too much information to make sense of. This has prompted Conor White-Sullivan to develop a tool that dramatically changes the way we write and develop our knowledge.

  • Adaptor: Restructuring Society's Engines

    There is a new focus on the inequalities that exist in our various internet platforms whose models seem to be: extract billions in value from their users and make it nearly impossible for them to leave. As humanity moves toward a new equitable future, so must economies. Is the ownership economy m...

  • Adaptor: The Greatest Infiltration of 2020

    2020 sprouted unprecedented global developments. As the world battled various problems, a product was launched that could potentially have more impact on our way of life than anything else that has happened during all of 2020.

  • Adaptor: The Call to Transhumanism

    As technological advancement takes a turn towards science fiction, the philosophy of Transhumanism moves center stage. Human microchipping, reversal of aging, and missions to Mars feel like an inevitable reality, but these breakthroughs beg the question: who should shape our future?

  • Adaptor: The Rise of Social Money

    Despite online creators earning millions of views, likes, and retweets, living wages are rarely part of the equation. This has led to inventive solutions that grant the independent creator a new way to monetize themselves.

  • Adaptor: The Resurgence of Audio

    After the audio industry became digitalized, a new type of listening experience had to be developed. New offerings such as podcasting, paid subscriptions, and even ASMR are paving a new way for consumers to listen.

  • Adaptor: The Psychonaut Story

    Once psychedelics became illegal, many psychonauts were forced into illegal experimentation. From this came a brilliant orator who kept the fledging psychedelic community thriving in the shadows. His impact is shown as interest in the mind-bending substances remains intact as